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Crowns and Bridges

A crown (or cap) is a tooth-shaped covering that covers entire tooth surface in order to restore its original shape and size or to improve its appearance.  Whereas a filling restores only part of a tooth, a crown can restore the structure of a much larger portion of tooth.

Although crowns can be made from several different materials, porcelain is the most popular choice because it is extremely natural looking and luminous.  Porcelain crowns are highly durable and will last for many years, but as with most dental restorations they may eventually require repair or replacement.

A crown procedure usually requires two appointments.  During first appointment your dentist will take accurate impressions after your teeth are prepared. During your second appointment new crown will be carefully secured in place for a precise and comfortable fit. Once the impression has been taken case should be send to the dental laboratory.

Choosing a Shade

Choosing the shade of the crown is an exciting step for most people. The final shade is determined by choosing from a guide the best match of your other teeth, along with the dentist's recommendations. Your dentist will recommend a shade that he feels will best appear as natural as possible.

Placing the Crowns

Once the case returned back from the dental laboratory the permanent Crowns are placed, removing your temporary ones. After your dentist evaluate the fitting and results, Crowns are cemented. The dentist will check how your teeth bite to ensure you are not biting incorrectly onto the crowns. Small reductions of the opposing teeth may be necessary if the bite is not correct. Be ready for a beautiful Smile.